Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD) is now LIVE!
By Riner Volunteer Rescue Squad
January 16, 2019

As of 10:00 A.M. on January 16, 2018, the NRV Regional 911 Authority has went live with Emergency Medical Dispatching (EMD). What does this mean for you as a citizen? Now when you call 911 for a Medical Emergency, Motor Vehicle Accident, or any other type of injury, the 911 Communication Officers will now obtain certain pieces of information in order to assess the severity and urgency of the situation. The Communication Officers will provide and walk you, the 911 caller, through medical instructions in order to start assisting the patient prior to the arrival of EMS. Putting this system in place also ensures that you, as the citizen, are receiving the correct level of care arriving at your door in a minimal amount of time.

Emergency Medical Dispatching is a positive monumental change for Montgomery County, the Town of Blacksburg, and the Town of Christiansburg . We at Riner Rescue are proud to be a part of this new system.