Junior Crew

Junior Crew: Inside Scoop

The Junior Crew is made up of 16-21-year old’s who wish to be a part of the Rescue Squad but due to being in school cannot meet the Active Member requirements. Junior members are placed on a call team with other Active Members from 6pm to 9pm (unless the weekend) one night a week, giving them the opportunity to run calls, gain experience, understand patient care, and serve the community. Junior members can have paid training like EMT, EVOC (if in the age requirement), and assist the senior squad with various other trainings and activities. Junior members can also participate in activities at the local and state level. If you would like to be a part of the Riner Rescue Junior Crew then please fill out an application and drop it off at the squad or with any of our members!






Remember, school comes first!

Our Junior Crew wear red shirts, different from any of our other duty shirts. This makes them easily identifiably on emergency scenes.